Colorado Jobs

As the Representative for HD59, I worked to open the free enterprise economic system that has sustained Colorado and our great nation. I will continue to oppose higher taxes, unneeded and costly regulation, and duplicative laws


Water is the most precious resource on Colorado’s West Slope. As your representative, I will keep working to protect our rights to use water here and advance water storage projects on the Front Range.

The regulatory red tape and associated costs tied to water storage projects are out of control. We must get down to what works and eliminate the unnecessary hurdles prohibiting common sense projects that put Colorado’s rightful water to work in our own state first. As your State Legislator, I will work tirelessly to protect our water.

Unneeded regulation, Raising Taxes and Using Private Business in Government

We cannot stimulate the economy and create jobs by raising taxes. Government should use private enterprises as much as possible.

Government should always be looking for ways to do things more efficiently, thereby saving tax dollars and keeping tax rates low. When tax rates are lower, businesses have more money to spend on expanding and creating jobs.

We must eliminate unnecessary and costly regulation and red tape that discourage private businesses.

The Second Amendment

You have a right to your guns.

Natural Resources

Coloradoans will benefit from using the full range of this state’s abundant natural resources to fuel the vibrant economy we want for our future.


The legislature must take a leadership role in repairing and continuing to build a reliable highway system. Almost 50% of our highways are rated “poor.” Legislators must find a way to get out from under federal regulation so Highway User Tax Funds can be used efficiently. We must make sure that HUTF money goes into asphalt and concrete only. In good financial years, the legislature must exercise the discipline of putting more money into highways from the General Fund.

K-12 Education

Parents, teachers, administrators and local school boards, not distant bureaucrats, should decide what’s best for their students. We must repeal unfunded federal and state mandates. K-12 education must be adequately funded.

Federal Land Management

The Colorado Legislature must recognize that federal land is not being managed properly. Not the least problem is wildfires that start on federal lands and then destroy state and private property. We must develop private/federal and state/federal partnerships that allow us to eliminate dangerous fuel on adjoining federal land.

Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) must be paid in full by the federal government every year, on time. To be fair to local districts, federal land should be assessed the same property taxes as private property owners. The federal government owns many small, unmanageable properties which should be sold to private owners so those can be on the tax rolls and be productive.

Federal land should be managed for multiple use including grazing, logging, mineral extraction and recreation in order to return value to citizens.


Colorado must ensure the long term viability of the Public Employees Retirement Account, PERA. It is of utmost importance that we protect the retirement investment of the hard- working public employees of Colorado. That includes me, employees and hundreds of friends who worked with me when I served as a county commissioner, when I was on the school board at Ignacio, and as a state legislator. The bottom line is that the PERA fund must satisfy the promises made for the retirement of public employees. The legislature made some important improvements to PERA in the past few years, but some financial experts believe more must be done. These are some of my ideas:

  1. The PERA trust fund should never be used to fund other state budgetary needs.
  2.  PERA retirement must be based on a reasonable return on investment.
  3. The PERA plan should have the same rules as private plans which ensure long term stability. Private retirement plans are regulated and monitored to guarantee that employees and employers are not hurt by poor management. PERA should have that same type oversight.